Sirens in my head people talking loud but i can't hear a thing
hidden in the wood in your neighbourhood trying to escape but losing it
in the parking lot in the club at the motel when i’m drunk
tell where you've gone baby what have i done
in the parking lot in the club in your bedroom when i’m drunk
tell me where you’ve gone baby what have i done
silence in the wood i'm in your neighbourhood violence ail around i’m looking for a light
lying on a bench waiting for a soul to pick me up in the lost and found
your voice in my head i’m so glad that you came though you tell me you don't understand
why i hurt myself don't we all cut ourselves up until we feel the pain of who we are
baby there's no victim there's no killer just you and me and no one to forgive
i don’t care if i die if i can't lose myself
so here i am yeah here i am braindead © Damien Saez

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A lovers prayer

Publié le :
16 mars 2009