heart drowning i'm not crying
messing around in the backyard
just trying to find out who i am
lost byways nobody like you said ever missed me
see faces and places and
i miss you sometimes
and all the people
and all the crap
you are nothing more than names on a map so far
your pretty garden your painted house
i hoped you'd be happy more than your dog would be
heart drowning suffocating your face reminds me
i am still breathing and losing the rest of who i am
sometimes i feel like ending
the dirty game we keep playing
let's take a walk to the other side
let's take a long walk
and a pill for the ride
how can you die when you're already dead
where can you go there's nothing much ahead
i'm bleeding and i know i won't stop
until i find the place
the place where i can drop © Damien Saez

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A lovers prayer

Publié le :
16 mars 2009